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Wonderful Angelica really helps with shoulder and lower back pain. She adjusted the pressure perfectly after hinting that she was going too deep. Nice setting, music, just wonderful!
Marisah Rocero
Knots & pain be gone! Review of Laura Rapalski (Atrium) I had 5 sessions with Laura & with each session, I left feeling more at ease, relaxed, & rested. I mainly have issues in my upper body, so Laura made sure to focus on those points. I was also competing in a bikini competition (which I placed 5th place in my class) & Laura was sweet enough to lend me a few times during our time together to boost my progress & recover faster with stretching techniques. With Laura's aid, I was able to gain a great range of motion, flexibility, reduced recovery time, soreness, and pain. I will definitely be going back to her when I am in need of her work again.
I see Katrina on a weekly basis for issues with my shoulders, neck, and low back. I'm a bank teller and have to stand all day long, and also a student so I'm on the computer quite a bit. She's super knowledgeable since she's had experience working in a PT office, so I really trust what she is doing. I'll tell her where I have the pain and she is easily able to identify which muscle is causing it. I have had issues with numbness in my hands and feet and she was able to help me out and the numbness is gone! She also sends me home with stretches I can do at home to help me between massages. I have tried several other massage therapists before finding Katrina and I can confidently say she is the best.
If I could afford a 90 minute massage every week, I wouldn't hesitate to maintain that schedule all year round. When I think of my best massage experiences, I recall professionalism, comfort with the environment (sounds - not a lot of 'em!, scents, temperature), and attentiveness from the masseuse.
Nancey nailed every important detail. She asked the appropriate questions, listened and responded to the reasons I came to her for a massage, didn't chit-chat, and went a step further than most by following up with a personal thank you email the next day.
She's skilled, genuine, and very professional. I will definitely return!
I had an amazing massage this weekend. Online booking was a breeze! I could pay ahead of time through PayPal. The email confirmation was very detailed and had easy directions that led me right to the studio. Much appreciated!

The massage therapist I saw was, Nancey. Highly recommend!! The massage was lovely! Very therapeutic. She also offered up hot stone and cupping, which I never had before. No extra charge.
I had a massage last night with Katrina.  It was amazing!  She was able to alleviate pressure spots in my back without me feeling like I was in pain (for those of you who have knots in your back, you know what I mean)!  Her space was inviting and I was very very comfortable.

I will most definitely be back!  :)
Nancey Cohen, LMP  
Wow!  The best massage I've had in years. She really listens to you and makes you feel so comfortable. I tend to be very ticklish and always apprehensive when I get a massage and she figured me out very quickly.  The next day I felt so relaxed and the neck tension I was having was completely gone. I plan on scheduling as many massages with her as possible.  Thanks for the great service!
I have been seeing Katrina for about the last 5 months on a regular basis.  I underwent low back surgery and she has helped me tremendously with my recovery.  She is knowledgeable, professional, and is able to identify and treat my problem areas every visit!   I would highly recommend her!
I've had back pain for many years now, and due to a recent car accident it also transferred into my neck and started becoming unbearable at times. I have been in desperate search of a massage therapist to give me some kind of relief, I spent a lot of money and tried many different places. It seemed that having constant pain throughout the day, it was affecting my work and my mood. Which is why I am so happy and thankful that I finally came across a Bodhi Bodywork business card! I was beginning to lose hope then decided to give it one more try, I made an appointment with Katrina and ever since that day (I've had 6 massages now) I already feel a huge improvement on my focus and an uplift in my mood :)

There are so many great things to say about Katrina, she is very nice and truly cares about improving the health and wellness of her clients. Katrina is very professional and has a calm and welcoming energy. We talked about the various pains in my neck and back and she is very good at understanding the source of where the pain is coming from and what to work on to alleviate it. Just by feeling the areas I described were causing me pain she understood the physiology of the muscles and knows the techniques to help move and break up tension. Each time I go in for a massage I walk out with a smile, feeling very relaxed and relieved! I look forward to my next visit as always!

The locations are both great, easily accessible. The rooms are warm and cozy with relaxing music and a soothing aroma. Prices are very reasonable, and well worth it! They take insurance too.

Finding Katrina was one of the best things that happened to me and I genuinely feel healthier and happier each visit with her! Treat your body to a bodhi experience, you won't regret it!
Katrina is by far the best massage therapist I have been to. She makes the entire experience relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable. The first time I saw her for a massage, she worked through years of tension in my body. I feel like she knew more about my body than I did..finding deep spots in my muscles that were affected from a car accident years ago (that I actually forgot about until she found those spots). She was very knowledgeable and receptive to how my body was reacting. I left that session feeling better than I had in years, and her follow through and genuine concern was AMAZING. I have continued to see Katrina as often as I can, and each time I leave feeling like that was the best massage I have ever had. I HIGHLY recommend her. She's the best!
Katrina was great! My massage session with her was both relaxing and effective in loosening up my tense neck and back. The price was also very reasonable and she accepts insurance. I highly recommend Katrina to anyone looking for a skilled masseuse in Seattle.
Emily O
Wonderful! Review of Katrina Koleto (Saturn) After a few months of dull back pain that turned into an inability to bend down to tie my shoes, my physician suggested massage therapy. I had never had a professional massage before. Katrina was exactly what I was hoping for- educational, honest, practical and attentive. She explained what she was doing, why, and was quick to meet any requests. My mobility had already increased as soon as I stood up off the table! I am looking forward to the progress we will make on my back over the next 5 weeks.
Sandy Bartlett
Amazing new star at Bohdi I thought I would give Nancy a try as she was new and there is a new therapist schedule. I have had nothing but fabulous massages from this group anyway. Nancy has a new technique that I had never experienced before which feels like pulling the muscle away from the bone in the most pleasurable way! I thought her work was fantastic and will certainly be back.
When I was traveling through Seattle recently, I had the pleasure of getting a massage with Katrina. She is very professional, really good knowledge of the the body structures and gave my sore body a lot of relief. I will get another one next time I am in town!

Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a massage with Katrina...
Full disclosure: I had never received a massage before, and used to work with Katrina at a restaurant downtown before she got her LMP certification.

Katrina was completely and totally professional from the minute I walked in the door.  We discussed the problem I was having (tightness and pulled muscles in legs / calves) and she made sure to focus on those areas during my massage.  In fact, she worked on my calves for so long to break up and loosen the muscle tissue that she asked if we could go ten minutes over for her to finish on the rest of my body!  I really appreciated her thoughtfulness and thoroughness during the massage, and her proactivity after the appointment, sending me videos on stretches and advice on how to make sure the issue would not recur.

I'm not sure she does this for all clients, but because she knows I'm a "jazz guy," she had this solo piano / trio mix of ballads that was right on point and put me in a meditative zone where I was the most relaxed and stress-free I've been in recent memory.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in referring anyone to Katrina / Bodhi Bodywork.  I'm looking forward to scheduling another appointment.
I have been coming to Bodhi Bodywork for a few months now, and regularly see Katrina - she is fantastic!  She is extremely knowledgeable, and always finds and fixes my problem spots - some which I didn't even know were there (mainly neck and back injuries and scar tissue due to a bad car accident ~5 years ago).
I am very picky, and tried therapist after therapist before finally finding Katrina. My only concern is whether I will continue to get in regularly once everyone else discovers her! :)   A+
"The highlight of my day was a fabulous myofascial massage from Katrina! My hamstrings and calves never felt so flexible and tension-free!I felt my mental stress dissipate as she worked on my upper back and shoulders, and I left feeling like a million bucks :)."
I have been a happy client of bodhi bodywork for about two or three years. Both Mindee and Katrina are very skilled and intuitive massage therapists. It's always a great experience, and I highly recommend both of them. Also, the price is very reasonable, and the location is great.
What a lovely space and massage. Katrina is such a gentle soul. I am also a massage therapist, so I can assure you, she is just fantastic!
I recently visited Katrina at Bodhi Bodyworks for the first time when visiting from out of town. Katrina did a wonderful job, pinpointing difficult spots that other massage therapists tend to miss, always taking note of how I was responding, and suggesting stretches that would help undo some of the damage from being hunched over a computer all day. I felt like she was really paying attention to what my body needed rather than going through a generic set of movements. Highly recommended, and I'll be sure to visit again when I am next in Seattle!
I recently saw Katrina for a massage, and had a really good session. I was at ease--she has a calm demeanor, she was professional, and listened to my needs (I didn't feel rushed). She knew I needed relaxation AND treatment work, and what I received was a great balance of those two types of bodywork. When I got off the massage table (slowly, enjoying a much softer body and mood!) I had the realization "I needed that"! For me, that increased awareness is a sign of a good massage.  I walked out, happy to notice the weather, the hustle and bustle of Fremont, the trees and birds, and felt much more fluid in my movement--great!
Mindee is delightful, passionate, calm, well educated and has a wonderful touch. Ask about help with detoxification and other specialties available to you. If Mindee's not available, then you can trust her two other massage therapists are capable & as solid as she is...she wouldn't bring them on if they weren't. With Fremont, you'll need to figure out parking and then locate the space within a building of multiple businesses. It's not difficult, just give yourself extra time your first visit. ENJOY!!
I have serious tension in my neck, shoulders, and back and Katrina is amazing at giving some relief. The massages I have received are what I always wished massages from other places could be like. Highly recommended!
I'm not sure I can say enough great things about Mindee.  I visited her many times over a period of a year for her to work on my sore neck and evertime left feeling much better.  She's always accommodating, fun to talk to and extremely intuitive.  After becoming more popular she started getting harder to book. I'm excited to see that she's been able to expand her business lately.
Katrina Koleto is truly a gifted massage therapist and energy healer., I have worked with several massage therapists over the years and Katrina gives by far one the best massages I have every had. It is soooooo relaxing and relieving of stress and pain.  I I find that Katrina has a strong intuition about the body and see that she is deeply committed to her clients having a relaxing, nurturing, and healing experience with her.  I find her very professional, warm, calm, and knowledgeable. You are in for a true treat when you get a massage from Katrina. I am excited to see how her work expands in the future (and to be on the receiving end of it.) :0
Katrina is the best, her touch is incredibly gratifying, no joke.
The Bodhi Bodywork team is rocking' it. They are the most friendly people, their offices are so soothing and wonderful, and they do great work. I couldn't recommend them enough!
I went to see Katrina Koleto in the Phinney Ridge location, but it is my understanding that she works at both locations. I highly recommend Katrina for a massage therapist. I usually went to the same place closer to my home, but word of mouth introduced me to Katrina and I shall see no one else. She is professional. She makes me feel comfortable when I walk in the door. She is warm and well-spoken. She asks the right questions to make sure I get the massage I not only want but need. I've seen her twice (so far) and I am very satisfied by her massage technique. She has helped me overcome a pain in my arm, and no other massage therapist was able to help me with, but Katrina did because she took the time to ask me the questions and spent time focusing on the specific area. She also told me why I probably was having a non-stop headache, and she massaged my head and neck and helped to relieve it. There is something to be said when pain is released, you feel grateful and sober from the awe of finally feeling no pain, and I am incredibly impressed and devoted to not only going to see Katrina at Bodhi Bodyworks, but I am also recommending her to others.
Mindee is absolutely fantastic! She not only has a welcoming and warm energy but she also has an intuitive rhythm with varying degrees of pressure. I seriously felt like a million bucks after I saw Mindee.
I went to Mindy for a massage a few days ago. It was a little tricky to find the office, but totally worth it once I got there. Very relaxing atmosphere. Mindy was very sweet and asked me what I wanted out of my massage, then did a great job working out my knots and relieving my pent up stress (I work too much). I was concerned it would all immediately come back (I still work too much), but so far, so good. I would definitely recommend and I will be going back.
Mindee is a gifted massage therapist. I have received a lot of massage from many different practitioners over the years, and I keep coming back to her. Mindee's massage style is a wonderful blend of deep, specific work that also feels nurturing. I recommend her without reservation. Many thanks Mindee!
Have been to many massage therapist- but Mindee is the best.  She pays attention to the problem areas and gives great feedback to what is going on with your muscles.  Great space and comfortable surroundings. Full of positive energy and warmth.
I had a 90 minute myo fascial & deep tissue blend of massage from Mindee and it was heaven! I love the way she got to the point working out my issues without making me feel like I was being tortured. Firm, precise, but not aggressive. Warm heart, big smile, fantastic touch, comfy space. All around great experience.
Katrina gives an excellent massage. She has been helping me work on a number of chronic patterns and old injuries and is wonderful at coaxing my overworked musculature into releasing and relaxing. I garden for a living, so I certainly have a lot for her to work on! She has helped relieve so much tension and pain, I really don't know what I'd do without her skilled hands and nurturing touch!
Katrina's touch is magic.  Somehow her hands know where to go.  She has all the skills of a massage therapist and more because she doesn't just go through the motions and follow a program.  I feel her listening, tuning in, with great generosity and kindness.  And her touch goes deep, moving past muscle and fiber into the flows of energy.  My body feels so heard when I'm with her.  And I always come away filled with gratitude.
Katrina Koleto's massages are world class. If you want to feel relaxed, realigned, loose, and fluid, I would very highly recommend booking a session with her. Professional, intuitive, kind and nurturing, Katrina is absolutely fantastic at what she does.
This review is long overdue - I've been seeing Katrina for some time now and she is AMAZING. I've gotten many massages in the past but visiting Katrina for the first time was a game changer. Her incredible ability to understand your body is apparent and very unique. I have ongoing shoulder tightness from work and stress and her full body massages completely keep the pain at bay.

This isn't just a light brushing massage, she'll actually work on untangling those knots and and bringing immediate relief. The atmosphere is super relaxing and soothing, the bed is nice and toasty and I've actually been so relaxed during the hour that I've drifted off in a state of half-asleep bliss.

Can't recommend her enough!
I can't say enough about how great Katrina is to work with! She is magical! She can do more in a 30 minute massage than most can accomplish in 90 minutes.

Katrina is that rare individual who is so in-tune with the body, that she is almost a mind reader in focusing on tight and sore muscles.

Throughout my experience, she made sure to check in with me to ensure she was using the right amount of pressure.

She is wonderful!
I have had several massages with Katrina, and the experience is unique to any massage I have ever had.  Her focus on my problem areas (shoulder and hip) is a blend of skillful technique and intuition.  I am amazed every time with the flow of the interaction between Katrina and my body, and the results are amazing.